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Sau Gong is the end of our first sequence, Tai Chi starts the second.

Diane, one of the 'leaves'.

Diane A.


Breathing exercises excellent, after radiation and pneumonia. Generally feel more flexible and more relaxed, will continue.

Ivy Elen
Walton Centre, Manor Road


Since joining this Tai  Chi group i have become more aware and relaxed, also since doing  Chi Kung as well. The experience from this is quite something.

The atmosphere at the end of the session is an uplifting experience.

Erik Rollinson


I started taking classes approx. 10 months ago, due to illness and stress at my last demanding job.

Tai Chi Chi Kung was recommended to me. I find the slow moving exercises and deep abdominal breathing helpful for the whole body. My spine appears more flexible and I don't feel so sluggish and run down.

Heinz Rohn
Shepperton Sports Centre, Manygate Lane


Taking part in Tai Chi & Qi Gong has been an excellent experience for me. The exercises have improved my balance and breathing and loosened my knees! Tai Chi makes me think - which is good for my memory!

Bill is an excellent teacher - very patient and understanding. Please don't ever stop the classes!!

Sheila M. Parry
Ashford Fordbridge Centre, Clarendon Road


Something I have never done before, all very new but I'm enjoying! will do more so when I understand it all. Bill is very good and helpful.

June Spires
Walton Centre


Since taking part in these Tai Chi Qi Gong classes, I have found myself to be more relaxed, supple, and my sense of balance improved.
I thoroughly enjoy the gentle movements, and hopefully continue to attend.
Joy Hammond

You are made to concentrate through the lesson, but in a very relaxed way that makes you feel good.

Sheila Wood, Walton Centre


I find it beneficial to me as I heve lung problems, and I enjoy it with the group.

Mrs Shirley Basey


I've been attending the classes at Shepperton for about a year now. Chi Kung helps me to relax and keep supple. It is very useful that the class structure is flexible and allows you to "pay-as-you-go" and attend on different days.

Excellent class leadership from Bill. My Tai Chi skills are improving each week.

Hilary Hansford


My friend suggested we might 'try' Tai Chi! ... I thought "Who me?" and then "Why not give it a go?" I'm so very glad I did. The falling Leaf instructors are great - patient, informative and the tuition is clear and precise. They are also an extremely pleasant group of men and make the evening thoroughly enjoyable. Those attending the classes consist of a lovely bunch of men and women of all ages, types and sizes. You have the choice of making the evening a strenuous exercise or just a relaxing workout. After an hour or so, I would be very surprised if, like me, you don't feel rejuvenated, relaxed and happy - and will get a good night's sleep! So, why don't you, like me, 'give it a go'? - it's something I heartily recommend!

Pat Newman, Shepperton Sports Centre, Manygate Lane


The class is very well run, friendly and informative in the ways of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. I particularly enjoy the occasional demonstration of how The Form should be done (nearly as good as all of us!!). In a nutshell....... I love it!

Shirley O'Connell, Ashford

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