Evening Classes, Shepperton
Beginners always welcome

Fresh sports Centre Thamesmead School

Tuesdays at 7.30 - 9pm Teaching Tai Chi
Classes are £7

Sundays at 10:00 -11am Teaching Tai Chi
Classes are £7

Thamesmead School Shepperton,
Manygate Lane,
TW17 9EE.

Contact Tel: 01932 253400 evening only

Day Time Classes

Staines Community Centre

Thames Street
TW18 4EA

Tuesday 1.00pm - 2.00pm beginners and 2.00pm - 3.00pm intermediate/advance

£3.50, non members £4.

Tel: 01784 463073 for details

What should I wear? - Loose comfortable clothing, flat shoes


Class 5

What is Chi?

Chi is life force.
We are all born with our own individual Chi, our own personal energy; however great or small we can all improve our Chi and increase our energy levels.

Chi is in our food and the air we breathe, Chi levels are improved by effort.
Whether we are concerned with work or leisure each of us can benefit from exercise that brings harmony to mind and body.
Mind, body and respiration brought into harmony will increase our health and vitality. Chi will be increasedmind.

Class 1


Each Tai Chi class includes:

  • A gentle warm up
  • The Tai Chi form
  • Instruction on form positions and new movements
  • Push hands forms/Tui Shou
  • Sword and staff instruction


Wuji Stance, and the Chattering Monkey

When one faces a challenge of any kind, it is better to do it unhindered by the “Chattering Monkey” the little voice that sits in ones imagination finding reasons for not succeeding.
To calm the chatter we need to relax, to take ourselves into a place of peace.

Wuji Stance is to stand in stillness.
The head must be upwardly aligned.
Intent is on the energy at the crown of the head.
Eyes look forward.
Contain the chest, draw up the back.
Sink the shoulders and drop the elbows.
Finger tips forward, palms face down.
Loosen the waist and the Kua.
Align the sacrum with the heels.
Feet parallel, shoulder width apart.
Qi sinks to Dan Tien.
Stand in perfect stillness, relaxed but ready.

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