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"Falling Leaf are a group of friends who have come together to carry on their love of Yang Style, Long Form, Tai Chi. Some of us have been instructors in other clubs, others have skills taught by various teachers in Yang Style.

Some have had the opportunity to meet with Gin Soon Chu and train at his school in Boston USA.

We have joined together to carry on the “The Form”, and to exchange the skills we have learnt, Sword Forms, Staff Form, Push Hands, Qi Gong etc.

We have a relaxed attitude and we welcome both beginners and old hands to our Tai Chi classes. Many of us have come from entirely different disciplines to the soft art of Tai Chi, some from Karate, Boxing, Tai Quan Do, Kung Fu and Aikido, but we all have come back to basics to go with the flow of Yang Style Tai Chi."


Prior to producing momentum, the body gesture should be stable and the balance completely centered. The mind and body should be relaxed.

There should be no hesitation, no rigidity. Remove all distracting thoughts from the mind and allow the return of the body gesture to that state of being natural. With this, you can start to move.

By Li YaXuan

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