Tai Chi Keeps Pat’s Hips in Good Shape!

Hips Hooray
Hips Hooray

Hi Clive, Bill and Graham

I don’t know if this will reach you but . . . here goes!

I promised to ‘See you on Thursday’ when I said Cheerio on Sunday after our ‘World Record Attempt’ (I wonder how we did and look forward to learning the result – at least we ‘had a go’ didn’t we?) BUT I forgot a previous engagement and will have to leave it another week.

But (again) this is really to tell you about my visit to the chiropractor yesterday (I’m sure you’re ‘all agog’!) . . . after lifting first the right leg (with his hands on my hips!!!) and then the left leg he said “You’re amazing, your hips are great for your age (I didn’t really like that bit but …) – what have you been doing?” (I should add here that I’ve been going to the chiropractor for nearly 40 years, about three times a year, following ‘doing my back in’!).

I casually said that I’ve ‘taken up TaiChi’ and immediately he said “That’s it! You couldn’t do anything better, I can tell the difference”.

How’s about that!! I was really chuffed and thought I’d tell you ‘lads’ about it. I’ve just read the articles in the Falling Leaf website and here I am – proof in your own class! Anyway, many thanks are due to you all – and, if nothing else, I’m sure it’ll give you a laugh.

I’ll see you soon! I’ve got to keep my hips in good shape haven’t I, especially at my age . . . (and to see you three lovely fellas too, of course!!)

With Kind Regards
Pat Newman

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