Saturday 20th March 2010 Seminar

Shaolin Temple

Seminar at the Cobham Martial Arts Academy

Many thanks to Michael Page, and his group for a really enjoyable afternoon.

On November 14th 2009 we gave a seminar to the Surbiton Martial Arts Academy, to expose them to the joys of Tai Chi. This Saturday last 20th March 2010 we were invited to their sister group the Cobham Martial Arts Academy. A large group attended, including Michael, we were delighted to find all gathered were responsive and worked hard to understand the soft approach to martial arts.

We demonstrated “The Form” after which the group joined in successfully we thought. We also demonstrated the “Knife” and “Sword” forms. The whole group then practiced “Sticking Hands” and sensitivity exercises, followed by some explanation and practice of martial applications – “lots of fun!”

I think some of the group were amazed to find that Tai Chi is not a dance performed by old people in the park! but a very effective martial art. We slowed the pace with some Qi Gong exercise and a thorough self massage to calm and release energy.

Our Seminar ended 30 minutes later than planned (2½ hours in all) “time flies when you’re having fun”.

We send our thanks to all at Cobham Martial Arts Academy, and look forward to returning.

Bill Hailey, Clive Hamblen, Graham Jones

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