Saturday 14th November 2009 Seminar

Chinese AstrologyFalling Leaf Tai Chi School gave a seminar for Surbiton Martial Arts. Two instructors attended, Clive Hamblen, and Bill Hailey.

We were given a really warm reception at Surbiton Martial Arts, Laura Dunning lead her group with great authority making our seminar an easy and enjoyable experience. Most of her group were unfamiliar with Tai Chi but soon picked up the principles, proving themselves enthusiastic and adaptable.

We started with a short history of Yang Style Tai Chi, followed by some stretching and loosening exercise. We then gave a demonstration of the first part of “The Form” which the group then practiced. We followed this with an explanation and demonstration of Tai Chi martial application. The group then had a well earned break. After the break we went on to demonstrate our knife and sword forms, followed by a group practice Qi Gong and self massage, altogether a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours.

Bill Hailey

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